Converging Lines

Tegan Webster, SMU senior, runs on a wooded path in East Texas Saturday October 1, 2016. (/MarySanfordMcClure)
Molly Mannes, SMU senior, drives a gator across a wooden bridge in East Texas with passenger, Brownlee Fielder, on October 1, 2016. (/MarySanfordMcClure)
Brownlee Fielder, SMU senior, sips her morning coffee on a deck outside a country house in East Texas on October 1, 2016. (/MarySanfordMcClure)

A few weeks ago my friends and I traveled to a friend’s country house. We rode on gators, mules and hiked through the woods. It was a nice change of pace from our typical busy Dallas lives. I took a lot of photographs for our class because I knew they would eventually come in handy. Nature is a beautiful thing to photograph.

I noticed a theme throughout my photos: converging lines. The tall pine trees framed my friend Tegan Webster  running along a path. The trees lead your eyes to her, the subject of the photograph.

Molly Mannes was fearful of crossing a weak bridge on her gator. It took a lot of encouragement to get her to cross, and I captured her crossing to solid ground in the second image. Her co-passenger, Brownlee Fielder, thought the ride was quite funny.

The third photograph is of Brownlee Fielder sipping her morning coffee on the deck outside. The wood paneled floor and railing lead your eyes to her. The sun is also lighting her face, which also draws your eye to her.


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