Stopped in Action

Eileen Barrett, SMU senior, roller blades through a Highland Park park on Sunday afternoon, October 23, 2016. (/MarySanfordMcClure)

On Sunday afternoon, Dallas had great weather. It was beginning to feel like fall as the temperatures dropped. Many people were outside enjoying this shift in weather, playing basketball, coaching baseball and running on the Katy Trail. Eileen Barrett decided to get a little exercise in before a long night of homework.

Eileen took her new roller blades out for a spin at a park across from her sorority house. I was able to capture her moving without a bit of blurry-ness. The photo was clear because I set my shutter speed extremely high to freeze her in the frame as she moved quickly on 8 wheels.

The pictures came out a little too bright because my aperture was too big. The opening was letting too much light in. Next time I shoot in cloudy conditions, I will monitor my shutter speed, iso, and aperture and how they relate and affect each other.


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