Chicago Marathon

Sunday October 9, 2016 my uncle, Sandy Hooper of Birmingham, Alabama, ran the Chicago Marathon. (/MarySanfordMcClure)
Sunday October 9, 2016, a woman kisses her husband as he nears the 25th mile marker of the Chicago Marathon. (/MarySanfordMcClure)

Professor Hart, you said to capture the moment, and I’m pretty sure I did.

This was an exciting weekend. There was lots going on in Chicago, which made for a perfect opportunity to take pictures for our photojournalism class. I tried to think of different compositional elements to capture in these photos, and I ended up incorporating rule of thirds and decisive moment.

In the picture of Uncle Sandy, he is nearing the 10 mile marker, completing over a third of the marathon. The sun is hitting him from the side which we learned is called side lighting. The background of the photograph is interesting but doesn’t distract from the subject, Sandy.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the second picture. The woman was cheering on her husband, and the moment he saw her, they embraced. He was running close to a three hour marathon which is quite impressive. I gave her my email, but who knows if she will ever contact me. I want to give her this photograph.


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