Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds (courtesy of:

This photo is a prime example of our theme this week, “rule of thirds.” The shack on stilts in the ocean water is the subject of the photo with a calm, non-distracting background and foreground. We know the photo is in line with this week’s theme because the subject is focused in the top right corner. If the subject was photographed in the center, then it would not be considered a rule of thirds photograph.

The emotion in the photograph is soothing. The photographer captured pleasant light and colors. The blues and greens of the water and the sky provoke a calm emotion.The light isn’t too harsh while it remains direct. Viewers of the photo can tell the light is shining from above the subject because there are shadows beneath. The light is behind and above the photographer. There is no catch light because the subject isn’t a human, otherwise you could see the light reflecting in its eyes.



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